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LCOI, UWNNY Collaboration Helps Empower Individuals

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February 21, 2024

In our North Country communities, stories of resilience and transformation often emerge from the collaborative efforts of organizations committed to making a difference. The partnership between Lewis County Opportunities, Inc. (LCOI) and United Way of Northern New York exemplifies the power of collective action in empowering individuals and families to overcome their obstacles and thrive.

Recently, Lewis County Opportunities received an inquiry from an individual previously working as a Home Health Aide, whose world was upended when his assigned patient transitioned to a nursing center, leaving him without income. Due to this, he took his car off the road while he waited for another assignment. It never came.

Eventually, this individual turned to LCOI for assistance in getting his vehicle back on the road, essential not only for daily living needs but also for securing new employment opportunities.

However, the path ahead was fraught with challenges. Despite his efforts to secure employment verification, bureaucratic hurdles impeded his progress. The situation seemed bleak until he secured a job offer at Carthage Hospital, only to discover that his CNA certification had expired, rendering him ineligible to start work. Undeterred, he pursued an opportunity with Samaritan Medical Center, which offered CNA classes to regain certification, marking a pivotal moment in his journey toward stability.

Amidst these trials, United Way assistance helped to light the way. With that support, LCOI facilitated rides to job interviews, paving the way for employment opportunities that would otherwise remain out of reach. With the groundwork laid by United Way, further assistance was extended to covering the costs of vehicle registration and insurance, removing barriers that threatened to derail this individual’s progress.

Today, that man stands on the cusp of a brighter future. Employed full-time and enrolled in a CNA course, he embodies the resilience and determination that define our community. Through the enduring partnership between Lewis County Opportunities, Inc. and United Way of Northern New York, we focus our collective resolve to uplift and empower every member of our community, one life at a time.

United, we can truly make a difference.