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Teammates at the Canton Price Chopper, including Customer Service Manager Leslie Nelson, second from right, sold the most United Way pinups of any store in the company.

The Price Chopper store in Canton was recently recognized for having sold the most $1 United Way pinups of any of the company’s 135 stores.

Rallying the generosity of its customers and teammates alike, the store sold 3,934 pinups during the month of August -- an average of 127 a day. The Potsdam Price Chopper wasn’t far behind, selling 1,247.

“When I saw the numbers I was stunned,” said Bob Gorman, CEO of the United Way of Northern New York. “The total raised by the entire company was $25,604. That means 20 percent of the entire fundraising effort was generated just in Canton and Potsdam.”

Canton store manager Harold (Butch) Prashaw said, “We don’t mess around,” to explain his store’s success. He noted that his staff supports local nonprofits year-round.

He also credited Customer Service Manager Leslie Nelson for the success. Nelson said she trains staff to ask all customers if they would like to buy a pinup, and she also makes sure teammates know which local nonprofits the United Way supports so they can answer questions.

Gorman said the $5,191 raised by the two stories represents 4 percent of the United Way’s goal of $130,000 in St. Lawrence County in 2016.

“Our campaign officially started Sept. 1, so to have a rolling start like this in August is great,” said Gorman.

Price Chopper has stores in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts. It has eight stores in St. Lawrence and Jefferson counties.

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09 November 2015