We will soon be entering year 2 of our three-year move to a calendar funding cycle. There will be some additional changes this year for Community Review.

The first is that we have contracted with Community Force to produce an on-line application process for grants this year. This company began working with Yale University and many colleges years ago, but is now contracted by several United Ways around the country.

While we believe this will make applying easier for our partners, it will also be easier for our reviewers as they will receive applications to review on-line rather than in a huge book. (We will print out information as requested by individual reviewers, of course).

Because of the change, we will be able to move back the time in which applications are due (they were due March 1 last year).

And, we will forgo required on-site visits this year to help make this transition easier. We expect in some cases that new reviewers may want to visit nonprofits and we will help facilitate that.

We will have an “intent to apply” process in February, and also work on a tutorial on how to use the application form.

More information on this will be coming soon.

CommunityForce is producing our online application form for grants. CommunityForce is producing our online application form for grants.
02 February 2015