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Board of Directors

UWNNY is governed by a board of directors with representation from each of the three counties.  The board meets 10 times per year on the second Monday of the month at 3:30 PM except for July and December. Board meetings are conducted virtually and in-person.  For more information about board service, please contact Dawn Cole at or by calling 315-755-1422.

Board Officers:
Kristen Aucter, Chair, Lewis County
Natalie Burnham, Immediate Past President, Jefferson County
Robert Saidel, Vice-Chair, St. Lawrence County
Bridget Davis, Vice-Chair, Jefferson County
Kristen Roberts, Secretary, St. Lawrence County
Michelle Patenaude, Treasurer, St. Lawrence County

Board Members:
Pat Fontana, Regional
Heather Gallagher, Jefferson County
Pam Hebert, Lewis County
Kati Jock, Regional
John Johnson, Jefferson County
Dan Menapace, Jefferson County
Jan Mosher, Lewis County